Las Vegas Through A Dealer’s Eyes

casino-goers yelling around a craps table
Clark Griswold, Vegas Vacation
ancient pottery with image of men playing dice game
Ancient dice game on pottery, Live Science

“Never say the word ‘seven’ at a Craps table”

I have been visiting Las Vegas since I could walk. My parents met and got married at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino and have brought my brother and me back every year since. I’ve stayed in every hotel, went on every thrill ride, went to several clubs, and I thought I had seen all that Vegas had to offer. But I had never bothered gambling. Introducing myself to James was the first time I approached a table. The scene felt archaic and intimidating. Like it was a place frozen in time. Rolling the dice repeatedly. Moving chips to and from various players. The cigarette waitress floating around the floor like a dazed bumblebee. People sitting around a green felt table for hours on end, waiting for a miracle that never comes. Craps seemed to breathe new life into the casino floor.

Photo by Kaysha on Unsplash



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Gabriella Marzola

Gabriella Marzola

Internet Archeologist | Pop-Cultural Anthropologist | World Wide Web Historian