How Not to Feel Like Sh*t on Social Media

Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes when a creator posts a video that doesn’t get as many likes as they want, they feel discouraged. Kyle Kaplanis tells us that these are the posts that truly matter because it shows who your true audience is.

Authenticity is a Virus

Oftentimes creators find themselves in a slump when they finally start being themselves in their content. For so long they focused on what got the most views that when they were able to create what they actually wanted to make, their followers leave because they think they “changed.”

Be Vulnerable and Be Ready

Authenticity comes with vulnerability, and vulnerability online can be terrifying. It can feel like you are splaying yourself open onto a projector that broadcasts to the world. You open yourself up to ridicule and hate and if you’re not ready, it can be devastating.



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Gabriella Marzola

Gabriella Marzola

Internet Archeologist | Pop-Cultural Anthropologist | World Wide Web Historian