Exploring Spiritual Vortexes in Sedona, AZ

red rock mountains of Sedona Arizona
Google maps aerial view of Sedona spiritual vortexes
Google Maps
Diagram of the human body’s sacred chakras
Sacred Chakras
Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona, AZ

“There is nothing like a natural wonder to make you feel incredibly small”

We spotted people posing for photos on the rocks above us, which meant we reached Chicken Point at last. I joked that it is called Chicken Point because it is where all the people who are afraid of heights hike to. No one enjoyed that joke. A sign at the base read “Healing in Progress: Please Stay on Trail”; we entered the spiritual vortex. I stood there waiting for the ground to start vibrating or to be swept off my feet in a gust of energy. Neither of those things happened. I closed my eyes to notice any tingles in my body. The air was calm. You could hear faint rustling of leaves as a breeze brushed through the canyon. I opened my eyes again to observe the view. In this moment, I felt thankful. Thankful to be alive to witness such beauty. The secret is, places as devastatingly beautiful as this force you out of the rat race to slow down and appreciate life. Whether you agree with some vortex enthusiasts that the vortexes are a portal for celestial and terrestrial spirits, many people feel inspired, recharged, or uplifted after visiting a vortex. Any day spent outside in sunshine amid a dazzling panorama could be identified as a spiritual experience.



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Gabriella Marzola

Gabriella Marzola

Internet Archeologist | Pop-Cultural Anthropologist | World Wide Web Historian www.ourofficialintelligence.com